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Custom Products Design

All Products Like (Temperature Sensors, Instrumentation Equipments, Special Cables,...) and Services are Designed and Produced Based on the Order and Type of Customer Needs.

Calibration of Temperature Sensors

Calibration of The Temperature Sensors is One of The Most Important Measures During The Installation and Operation of This Instrumentation Equipments.

Expert Sales and Consultants Team

Our Expert Sales and Consultants Team, Give You Advice 24 Hours a Day. It is Our Honor to Serve Each and Everyone of You Dear Customers. Our Consultation is Completely Free and Specialized.

Warranty and After Sales Service

It is Very Important For Us To Keep Your Peace Of Mind. Providing Warranty and Excellent After-Sales Service Is Your Right.

Manufacturers of Temperature Sensors (Thermocouples and RTD's), Special Cables and Accessories

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About Modern Elektro Company

In the Culture of Modernco Company, Obtaining Customers Satisfaction Through Honest and Long-term Cooperation is Institutionalized.

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  • High Quality Products
  • Certificate of Product Authenticity
  • Warranty And After Sales Service
  • Purchasing Engineering
  • Special Packaging of Products
  • Application Assistance
  • Expediting Options

Salih Çeçen- Sales Expert

We are the Best at What We Do.

We Have Been Supplying Worldwide All Customers With High Quality Temperature Sensors (Thermocouples and RTDs), Special Cables, Thermowells, Instrumentation Equipment’s and so on.


Cooperation With Large And Small Industries

Experienced Workers

Industrial Networking

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Precision Measurement

Process Solutions

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    Installation of Instrumentation

    Installation of Instrumentation and Process Control Systems for Process Plants.

    Fully Integrated Production Line for Instrumentation

    Flexible and Fully Automated Series Production With Best Technology.

    Warranty Against Defects Caused by Production

    In the Event of Defective Goods, You Have the Right to Require the Manufacturer to Repair the Goods Free of Charge or Replace Them With New Goods.

    Product Authenticity Certificate

    Use this Product Authenticity Certificate Template for Every Product Delivered to Generate Pride of Ownership of Your Product.


    Your Company Have Been Great at Keeping Me in Work, They Always Line Something Else up.

    Jon Moxley

    Applications Of Instrumentation Equipments in Industry